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Troubleshooting a Beckett Oil Burner

Beckett oil burner repairBeckett oil burners are very reliable pieces of equipment and if properly maintained will last many years, but everything needs to be fixed sometime. If you are a homeowner there is very little you can do safely to return your Beckett oil burner to service, as they require technical knowledge and specialized tools to properly diagnose. Only qualified oil burner mechanics should disassemble a burner.

Troubleshooting steps a homeowner can try

  1. Check the emergency switch. It looks like a light switch and often gets shut off by mistake.
  2. Check the fuse or breaker panel for any blown fuses or tripped breakers.
  3. Check the oil tank for fuel. Sounds like a no-brainer but you would be surprised.
  4. Try pushing(hold it for one second) the reset button ONCE, if the burner does not start call a service technician. Repeatedly pushing the reset button may cause an explosion! The reset button is red and roughly the shape of a pencil eraser or as shown below.

Tools you require to diagnose a Beckett oil burner

  • Electrical multimeter that measures VOLTS, AMPS and OHMS
  • Liquid filled pressure gauge 0-300 PSIG, for measuring the oil pump pressure
  • Liquid filled vacuum gauge 0-30 IN.Hg(inches of mercury)
  • Transformer tester 10,000 – 15,000 volts
  • Combustion analyzer to measure temperature, smoke, and oxygen/carbon dioxide
  • Draft meter – negative to positive pressure
  • Assortment of trade related hand tools

Technician troubleshooting steps

Always check the combustion chamber for excess fuel before trying to start the burner. Burning down your customers house is not a good way to build a reputation.

  1. Ask the homeowner if there is any history of problems, if they pressed the reset button and how many times.
  2. Perform a quick visual inspection of the emergency switch, fuse panel, burner and oil supply for obvious problems.
  3. Press the reset and note what happens.

If the burner starts(makes any sounds) check these conditions:

  • Check pump pressure by removing the oil nozzle assembly and attaching pressure gauge. Should be 170 psi but check the specs for the model of pump/burner.
    • If the pressure is good
      • Check the transformer and replace if faulty
      • Replace  nozzle and clean combustion head
      • Check electrode gap settings
    • Pump pressure below recommended setting
      • Check oil tank shut off valve, close then reopen
      • Replace fuel filter
      • Bleed pump into a container and look for air in the stream(froth)
      • Recheck for kinked / damaged oil supply lines
      • Pump strainer clogged – clean or replace
    • Burner didn’t start but made a chattering sound, the primary control is faulty - replace
    • If the burner made noise(electrodes firing) but zero pump pressure
      • Check if motor is tripped – reset motor and replace if necessary
      • Pump likely seized – replace

Troubleshoot electrical components

If the reset is pushed and the burner does not start or make any sounds, troubleshoot electrical components.

Beckett Genisis primary control

  • Test the thermostat by placing a jumper wire between the two terminals marked “T. T.” – If the burner starts there is a problem with the thermostat or wiring from it.
  • Test the CAD cell by removing one of the wires(usually yellow) on terminal “F” – If the burner then starts, replace the cad/ wiring harness. *The burner will not stay running with a wire removed from terminal F without a jumper.
  • Check for voltage at the following places:
    • If there is voltage between the black lead and the ground on the primary control, replace the primary control.
    • Check the limit terminal and the ground of the limit control if you have a voltage reading check for a loose connection or broken wire.
    • If the is voltage between the line terminal and the ground of the limit control the limit control is defective – replace.
    • If there is still no voltage recheck the fuse panel, emergency switch and if possible the wiring to the burner
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