Troubleshooting a Beckett Oil Burner

Beckett oil burner repairBeckett oil burners are very reliable pieces of equipment and if properly maintained will last many years, but everything needs to be fixed sometime. If you are a homeowner there is very little you can do safely to return your Beckett oil burner to service, as they require technical knowledge and specialized tools to properly diagnose. Only qualified oil burner mechanics should disassemble a burner. Continue reading Troubleshooting a Beckett Oil Burner

Boiler Components

Hot water boilers and steam boilers use a variety of fittings and equipment; called boiler trim, to ensure a safe and smooth operation. This article will illustrate and describe the many parts that work together in a hot water or low pressure steam boiler.

Main Components

Oil fired boiler - Beckett burnerHeat source – The boiler may be heated by oil, gas or electricity. Oil fired boilers use a “gun type” burner while residential gas burners are typically internal to the boilers housing. Electric boilers are very compact as result of the lack of fire and combustion gases. Continue reading Boiler Components

How Heat Moves

Everyone knows that if they put their hand on a hot stove its going to hurt, but how exactly does the heat from the stove travel into your skin? In this article i’ll discuss the science behind the three methods heat moves.

Conduction of Heat

Conduction of heat through an objectConduction is the transfer of heat between two types of touching matter, be it solid, liquid, gas or plasma. Heat conduction always moves from a higher temperature substance to a lower temperature substance because the molecules in a higher temperature substance are vibrating more rapidly and they in turn excite the molecules of a colder touching substance. Some examples of conduction are: Continue reading How Heat Moves

Oil Burner Maintenance

Every year as a minimum an oil burner should be throughly inspected, tested and maintained. No one is likely going to come pounding on your door forcing you to have your annual oil burner maintenance done but if your efficiency is off by just a few percent it could cost you a lot more in fuel, not to mention the health and property concerns. Below are some recommended oil burner maintenance points which must be carried out by a qualified technician. Continue reading Oil Burner Maintenance

Understanding Oil as a Heating Fuel

The Basics of Heating Oil

Heating oil or No.2 fuel oil is one of the products of refined crude oil and is used throughout the world as a residential and industrial heat source. During the refining process the the crude oil is separated into various fuels (Gasoline, Kerosene, No.2  Fuel oil…etc) usually by heating the crude oil to various temperatures; called straight-run distillation, which separates the oil into layers of varying viscosity and specific gravity or by a process called catalytic cracking. Continue reading Understanding Oil as a Heating Fuel